Technaflora Pura Vida Grow, 20 L


Technaflora Pura Vida Grow, 20 L[ PVG476 ]

$168.59 $306.74

Technaflora Pura Vida™ Grow (6-4-3) and Bloom (2-6-6) are unique fertilizers that provide plants with both a balanced and available nutrient supply in a pure, natural form. The fermented blend of nutrient- and mineral-rich plant materials in Grow formula boosts foliage and overall growth during the vegetative stage. Bloom supercharges fruiting and flowering, and neither formula will clog irrigation lines. Powerful on their own, Pura Vida Bloom and Grow are ideal as a one-part fertilizer for general use, or as an aggressive two-part formulation suitable for high-demand crop production systems.

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