SPO PowerHouse Sodium 1000W 480V


SPO PowerHouse Sodium 1000W 480V[ PH57366 ]

$203.81 $320.00

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Powerhouse 1000W/480V Sodium Ballast

The Powerhouse is packed with features that make it the most advanced electromagnetic HID ballast on the market. With its durable all-aluminum exterior construction and its off set high/low component orientation, it runs quieter and cooler than any other magnetic ballast we have ever made. Cool components mean higher performance and longer life.


  • Portable remote ballast design
  • Rugged and durable
  • North American brand components
  • U.S. patent D546,282
  • Air coolable with optional flange kit & fan
  • Compatible with all reflectors offered by Hydrofarm & most others
  • Includes 8' of 600V rated power supply cord
  • Ideal for commercial input voltage applications
  • Note: Plug not included. Licensed electrician recommended for installation.



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