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Method Seven Resistance LEDfx[ 744136 ]

$79.20 $120.00
Method Seven Resistance LEDfx is constructed from a light weight polycarbonate lens that is designed to protect you from the high energy spectrums, UV, and infrared all in style and comfort. Full Spectrum LED lights produce very bright, white light. Method Seven delivers the Resistance LEDFx, a scientific formulation for comfort, visual acuity, safety and performance. The world’s first organic lens to block significant infrared heat energy, which keeps your eyes cool and moist. The Resistance LEDfx lens was designed and developed by Method Seven with over two years of research in collaboration with engineers, optical physicists, and ophthalmologists. The lens is perfect for any full spectrum light and is also great for urban life outside the grow. The Resistance LEDFx filters and blocks light so effectively it doesn’t need to be super dark, so your eyes can work naturally even in very bright conditions providing the best experience for your eyes, your plants and your lifestyle.

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