Heat Shield for 8" Ducting - 10' Long


Heat Shield for 8" Ducting - 10' Long[ HS8DUCT ]

$22.29 $34.95

Sturdy covering that double insulates your ducting against heat. Less heat escapes and is instead contained within your ducting to be more efficiently carried away by your existing air-cooling system. This results in a cooler environment, happier plants and energy savings from increased A/C efficiency. This cover is for 8" ducting and is 10' long.


  • 95% reflective exterior
  • Saves money and energy
  • Heavy duty insulating material
  • Reduces your grow room temperature
  • Maximizes cooling system efficiency
  • Reduces air flow noise
  • Soft, durable and machine washable
  • Strong, high quality construction
  • Made in the USA

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