Ideal Air

Ideal-Air Pro-Dual 48,000 BTU 21.5 SEER Multi-Zone Heating & Cooling Outdoor Unit[ HGC700020 ]

$1,961.33 $4,000.45

The Ideal-Air Pro-Dual Outdoor Unit can be matched up with multiple indoor head configurations. These systems are designed to function with 1 single outdoor condensing unit with a minimum of 2 indoor units up to 5 indoor heads maximum. (See Match up chart online at www.ideal-air.com; this will also be listed on the packaging of the box). 208–230 V, 1 ph, 60 Hz, 35 Amps and 3040 W. Outdoor ambient cooling operating temperature range -13°F to 122°F, outdoor ambient heating operating temperature range -13°F to 86°F. Line set size depends on the indoor wall mount or ceiling evaporator head.

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