GROW!T Coco Coir Crunch Mix, 3.8 cf, Pallet (30 Bags)[ JSCMIX38 ]

$1,062.03 $2,278.50

GROW!T Coir Crunch is a high-porosity coco peat material composed of coconut husk fiber, coir chips, and pith. It is an ideal soil amendment for increasing aeration and drainage in any mix, and can replace perlite in that role completely. Also replaces peat in its function, while being far more ecologically sustainable. GROW!T Coir Crunch increases horizontal distribution of water and expedites drying of the top layer of the medium. Excellent as a mulch material as well! Limited samples are available while they last.

  • Increases aeration
  • Speeds drainage
  • Compressed bale stores easily yet expands to 11 cu ft
  • Direct planting medium for crops that like drier conditions
  • Ideal planting medium for tomatoes and capsicum*
  • 100% natural decorative planter top dressing
  • Long-lasting mulch alternative 
  • Suitable for longer-term crops 
  • Easily amends compacted soils or composts to increase soil porosity
  • May mitigate algae growth**

*Subject to more frequent watering at crop initiation 
**Due to drier structure than traditional potting soils

Please note: This product may need to be treated and fertilized before use (depending on crop/application).

Item will not ship UPS. Must ship freight on a pallet, flat rate only.     

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