Grow!t #2 Perlite, Super Coarse, 2 cu ft, Pallet (65 Bags)[ JSPERL22 ]

$808.78 $1,231.75

GROW!T Perlite is a versatile and inert soil amendment and soilless medium. Use it to aerate soil in container gardening, for germination and propagation of seedlings, for propagation of cuttings, and as a hydroponic medium. Hydrofarm searched globally and went to great lengths to find a source of top-quality perlite, and succeeded-and what we found is offered in the GROW!T line of perlite products. Four grades available: #2 (Super Coarse), #3, #4, and #8. 

  • Enhanced aeration and drainage
  • Completely sterile
  • Neutral pH of around 7.0
  • Odorless and lightweight
  • Aids in breaking up heavy soils
  • Derived from a natural source


Item will not ship UPS. Must ship freight on a pallet, flat rate only.     

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