Bio Wave Indoor Unit


Bio Wave Indoor Unit[ BW92000 ]

$1,539.18 $2,400.00

The new and improved DL-9200 Biowave machine.

The BioWave Subsonic Harmonic Wave Machine creates a subsonic harmonic wave that improves plant respiration, increasing plant yields by an average of 20% and total dissolved solids by a whopping 55%! This revolutionary, patent-pending machine enhances plant metabolism, photosynthesis and health so your hydroponic plants grow more rapidly, resist diseases better, and produce larger yields.

The updated model comes with a beautiful deep green plastic dome. The drive system has been redesigned and tested to provide many years of reliable operation. The DL-9200 covers 1 acre or 44,000 sq/ft. Ideal for greenhouse and warehouse enviroments. Plug and Play.



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