Bountea Cal-Mag, 2.5 gal


Bountea Cal-Mag, 2.5 gal[ BN3625 ]

$76.95 $119.99
    • Bountea Cal-Mag is a liquid plant nutrient product providing essential trace elements for plant vitality.  Bountea Cal-Mag is complimentary to the Bountea Growing System and comparable to other top shelf liquid products.  Bountea Cal-Mag provides 2% Nitrogen, 3% Calcium and 1% Magnesium in a highly available form.  It can be applied in foliar applications and irrigation water and is EDTA free.
      • Provides essential micro nutrients for plant development and growth
      • EDTA free and Biodegradable
      • A liquid product for ease of use in hydroponic systems

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