Bluelab Dosetronic Solenoid Kit


Bluelab Dosetronic Solenoid Kit[ BLU24100 ]

$1,475.49 $2,320.00

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The Bluelab Dosetronic Solenoid Kit provides you with everything you need to set up an accurate, easy to manage, automated hydroponic nutrient management system.

This kit has been specially designed for hobby or small scale hydroponic growers. For commercial or large scale hydroponic growers please see our Bluelab Dosetronic Peridoser Kit.

The Bluelab Dosetronic is also available as a standalone unit.

The kit contains:
• Bluelab Dosetronic® Controller
• Power Supply
• Temperature Power in and Power out cables (country specific)
• pH probe
• Conductivity probe
• Temperature probe
• 3 x 24VAC Solenoids
• pH 7.0, pH 4.0 and EC 2.77 single use Solution Sachets
• Instruction manual
• OPTIONAL: Alarm box, pH probe with ATC



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