Anden Dehumidifier, 95 pints/day


Anden Dehumidifier, 95 pints/day[ DH11850 ]

$1,205.22 $1,621.99
The Model 1850 high-capacity dehumidifier is compact and quiet and provides the critical monitoring and precise control of indoor RH.

• Monitors and mitigates humidity separate from the management of sensible cooling load to properly maintain damaging conditions
• Automatic digital controls for simple and easy to maintain all attributes of indoor climate.
• Multi-sensor averaging sample the air for three minutes every hour, to ensure proper humidity levels are maintained 24/7
• Easy-to-change RH set points on the dehumidifier’s digital display, thermostat or mobile app, to make sure optimal conditions are kept throughout the crop’s maturation.
• Properly circulates the air within the controlled environment space to maximize the application of CO2.
• Remote sensors for temperature and humidity sample the air at plant level, providing more accurate monitoring and control.
• Wi-Fi control and monitoring provide updates of conditions in your grow facility at all times from anywhere.
• Capacity: Removes up to 95 pints of moisture per day.
• Comes with a 5-year warranty.
• Made in Madison, WI, USA

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