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AgroLED Sun Supreme 50 Watt 48 in LED White 5500 K Grow Light[ 960478 ]

$50.51 $70.70
The AgroLED® Sun® Supreme LED strip light is ideal for early plant growth, propagation, and indoor gardening applications. These energy efficient high output LED fixtures with built-in reflector are a passively cooled thermally stable design (no-fan) to enhance the longevity & performance of the luminaire. The Sun Blaze LED deliver an excellent full spectrum of light at 5500° K. 20 watt 18” supreme has 2300 lumens. 25 watt 24” Supreme has 2650 lumens. 50 watt 48” Supreme has 5550 lumens. Includes a 5’ power cord with on/off switch, (1) daisy chain cord, (2) hanging brackets with “V” style hangers, (3) flush mount options. UL Listed.

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