GreenGro Water Conditioner 32 oz, Special Order

Hawthorne Gardening Company

GreenGro Water Conditioner 32 oz, Special Order[ 705644 ]

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"This is a special order item and will not ship with the rest of your order. There will be additional shipping charges for this item. Please call us at 888-963-3888 for details on the estimated shipping cost and the ETA to receive this item."

GreenGro™ Premium Water Conditioner balances the conditions in water to greatly improve your ability to grow healthier, more productive plants. Much of the water that we pull from the tap in cities is treated. It may include chlorine, chlorides, chloramines, and other sanitizing ingredients. Additionally, trace heavy metals and other toxic agents may be found. GreenGro™ Water Conditioner solves all of these common problems by eliminating or neutralizing them on contact.

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