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Titan Controls Spartan Series Metal 8 Light Controller 240 Volt w/ Dual Trigger Cords - Universal Outlets[ 703006 ]

$147.87 $209.95

The Spartan Series® Metal 8 Light 240V Controllers brings you quality and reliability for an economical cost. The heavy duty enclosure will stand up to the rigors of a growing environment while controlling your lights flawlessly. The controllers utilize a heavy duty definite purpose contactor that is rated for ballast usage. There are two options for activation, a built in timer for easy consolidated installation or dual trigger cords which are designed to be plugged into any 120V timer(s). The dual trigger cords allow you either run all 8 lights at once or to split them and run two groups of 4 lights separately. These products also feature universal outlets which allow you to use a 120V or 240V cord to run your ballasts at 240V. 1 year warranty.

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