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Titan Controls Spartan Series Metal 16 Light Controller 240 Volt w/ Timer - Universal Outlets[ 703012 ]

$704.85 $999.95
The Spartan Series® Metal 16 Light 240V Controllers brings you quality and reliability for an economical cost. The heavy duty enclosure will stand up to the rigors of a growing environment while controlling your lights flawlessly. The controllers utilize a heavy duty definite purpose contactor that is rated for ballast usage. These controllers also have built in circuit breakers for added protection. There are two options for activation, a built in timer for easy consolidated installation or dual trigger cords which are designed to be plugged into any 120V timer(s). The dual trigger cords allow you either run all 16 lights at once or to split them and run two groups of 8 lights separately. These products also feature universal outlets which allow you to use a 120V or 240V cord to run your ballasts at 240V.

Item will not ship UPS. Must ship freight on a pallet, flat rate only.     

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