Master Green 1000 Watt 120 / 240 Volt Electronic Ballast

Hawthorne Gardening Company

Master Green 1000 Watt 120 / 240 Volt Electronic Ballast[ 902519 ]

$103.88 $139.95
The Master Green™ 1000 watt HPS electronic ballast features high frequency 105 kHz micro processing technology optimized for operating double-ended 1000 watt HPS lamps. The Master Green™ can operate at 60%, 70%, 100%, or Super Charge. Extruded aluminum housing is lightweight and its compact design has active cooling (internal fan), and soft start technology which promotes longer lamp life. Our Master Green™ electronic ballast lamp cord receptacle is designed specifically for Sun System® brand reflectors. The ballasts operates at 120-240 volt power. Includes a 6.5 ft Convertible Smart Volt™ dual ferrite, power cord and both 120 volt and 240 volts interchangeable plugs. 2 year warranty.

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