Hyper-Logic - 2,000 GPD Commercial RO System[ HL11510 ]

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NOTE: Pricing on this Commercial RO system is for the base unit only. To determine your final cost for a system that suits your needs, please fill out the Hydrologic Commercial RO work sheet in the “Product Info” tab and email or fax it to Hydro-Logic (info on the sheet). After it is reviewed, you will receive a final quote for your specific system.

Hyper-Logic Commercial Reverse Osmosis

The Hyper-Logic is part of a new generation of commercial Reverse Osmosis machines that deliver uncompromised, professional quality and cutting edge innovation. It features an expandable RO configuration that can be easily upgraded to achieve higher product water flow rates, while the frame, pump, controls, and components all remain the same. Just install a membrane add-on kit and virtually double your flow rates. The system features a microprocessor computer controller that provides vital, user-friendly function and diagnostics. Never before seen "Reverse Ratio" technology allows you to custom adjust the product to drain water ratios and achieve industry-leading water savings.

Expandable capacity - the standard frame version starts at 2,000 Gallons Per Day and is expandable up to 10,000 GPD.

The Mega extended frame version allows flow rates from 11,500 GPD up to 19,000 GPD.

Adjustable drain water ratios - run hyper efficient ratios of up to 1 parts drain to 4 parts product water. Save more water!

Reverse ratio is a technology designed to minimize concentrate (waste) water that would normally go down the drain. Reverse ratio technology is a re-circulation method used to recycle waste water back through the membranes to improve efficiency allowing for waste to product (permeate) water ratios unparalleled by other reverse osmosis systems. The ratios are adjustable and if certain feed water conditions are met due to the nature of feed water or by implementing the proper pre-treatment you can literally reverse the ratio that other RO systems offer. Instead of a 4:1 waste to product water ratio you can run an unbelievable 1:4 waste to product water ratio!

Extra Low energy Reverse Osmosis membranes with up to 99% PPM reduction.

Industry leading energy efficiency maximizes power savings.

Never before has such a powerful and efficient water purification machine been available at such a competitive price.

An entire line of high capacity commercial pre and post treatment equipment complements the Hyper-Logic Reverse Osmosis System, and allows you to treat even the worst quality water. Hydro-Logic will work with you to provide the equipment necessary to produce the purest water possible. No matter how bad your water quality, rest assured we can handle it. We specialize in providing custom solutions for each customer's specific application ensuring a successful operation with maximum productivity and efficiency.

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